- VX 30 is a patented pruner fully designed and manufactured by AIMA SRL.

- It was conceived thanks to the experience gained with the previous models and it is meant to the most demanding professional users.

- It is a handy and light pruner which allows users to easily carry on the most difficult pruning in vineyards, with cutting diameter up to 30 mm, depending on the kind of wood.

- Two cutting modes are available with The new VX30: standard servo cutting (with two different blade openings), and progressive cutting. They can be easily selected with the upper button and the trigger

Pruner weight
820 gr.
Battery + Pouch Weight
1280 gr.
Battery Li-Po 24 V - 5 Ah
Charging Time
4 h
Max Operating Autonomy
Up to 12 hours
Cutting Capacity - Depending On Wood
30 mm.
Motor Power
456 W
Progressive Cutting
Pulse Cutting
Blade Positions
Vineyard Blade
Distance Vineyard Blades Tips
52 mm
Steel Connector
Spiral Cable
Flat Cable
a richiesta
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