Green Technology



Product Line

Electric shakers

ULTRALIGHT shakers, innovative, increasingly performing and respecting plants and the environment.


Chain pruners, which arise from the continuous evolution of AIMA in creating solutions for pruning and green maintenance.

Electric scissors

Professional grade tools for pruning trees, vines, shrubs or bushes. Compact and ergonomic, with new generation lithium batteries that guarantee a long life.

Electronic binders

Automatic tying machines for vineyards and orchards, with professional Li-ion battery. Possibility of different types of tying based on the type of branch or plant.

Li-Ion Batteries

Professional lithium backpack batteries, designed for intensive use, guarantee high power standards.

Accessories and Parts

Extension rods, spare rods, inverter adapters, comb spare parts for shakers

Our Company

Quality and Sustainability
AIMA products, strictly made in Italy, have always maintained high standards of quality and respect for the environment.

AIMA’s products, are designed specifically for use in small fruit pruning and harvesting, technologically advanced and always updated following market demands.