…of Italian, or rather Tuscan, origin.

AIMA is a leading Italian company that designs and manufactures professional electric machines for harvesting and pruning olives, coffee, pistachio and small fruits, with state-of-the-art technologies that maintain high standards of quality and respect for the environment.


Our sales network encompasses the entire national territory, with a widespread sales network in every Italian region, and then extends internationally, covering almost all Mediterranean areas and even reaching some states in other continents, such as Brazil, Peru, South Korea etc.


AIMA equipment ensures maximum productivity and performance without risking damage to the plant.


Designed and manufactured using the most advanced production and research techniques so as to ensure a high level of quality at all times.


Exceptional performance above the average and for maximum reliability over time. AIMA offers a wide range of models.

Among our most popular products are the shakers called Twist, which feature patented opposed motion.
These electric shakers encapsulate all those must-haves demanded by the most demanding users, top performance , total quality , long-term reliability , and unparalleled user comfort .

All of our models are researched, designed and built by an in-house team of extremely qualified people, taking advantage of the latest production and research technologies. Our satisfaction is your satisfaction, AIMA synonymous with quality, a name a certainty.

Our products

Quality and Sustainability
AIMA products, strictly made in Italy, have always maintained high standards of quality and respect for the environment.

AIMA’s products, are designed specifically for use in small fruit pruning and harvesting, technologically advanced and always updated following market demands.